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130,817 corona patients recover in Punjab

LAHORE:The Specialised Healthcare and Medical Education Department released the status of facilities for COVID-19 patients here Monday. As per the latest statistics released by Secretary Specialised Healthcare and Medical Education Department, Barrister Nabeel Awan, around 130,817 patients have recovered and returned to their homes in the pandemic so far in the province. Out of 7,280 reserved beds for COVID-19 patients, 6,377 are available. In Lahore’s public sector hospitals, 1,887 beds are available out of 2,174 reserved. In Isolation Wards of Punjab’s hospitals, 4,171 are available out of 4,547 reserved for corona pandemic. In Isolation Wards of Lahore hospitals, 1,356 beds are available out of 1,443 reserved. In High Dependency Units of Punjab hospitals, 1,797 are available out of 2,211 reserved for COVID-19 patients.

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