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1st batch of COVID-19 vaccines for children arrives in Canada

The first batch of COVID-19 vaccines for children arrived in Canada, clearing the way for provinces and territories to begin planning for the next phase of the national mass immunization campaign.

A UPS plane carrying thousands of doses landed in the rain at an airport in Hamilton, with Federal Procurement Minister Filomena Tassi on hand to mark its arrival.

Tassi clapped and cheered as workers unloaded massive grey containers from the upper deck of the plane. The first in a series of accelerated vaccine deliveries aimed at children aged five to eleven.

Health Canada stated on Friday that a modified version of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine had been licensed for use in that demographic, and Ottawa pledged that some injections would be on Canadian territory within 48 hours.

Tassi said that by the end of the week, Canada would have 2.9 million pills on hand, enough to give the first dose to every child in the newly approved age bracket.

Health Canada’s approval came following a month-long review of safety and efficacy data from the pharmaceutical giants.

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