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63% Pakistanis think asymptomatic people cannot spread COVID-19

Photo: Gallup Survey
  • 63% of Pakistanis think people showing no symptoms cannot spread coronavirus, survey reveals 
  • Survey shows only 24% of Pakistanis think asymptomatic people can spread the virus
  • 81% of the respondents say they do not know anyone who contracted COVID-19

Despite the looming threat of COVID-19 in Pakistan, a disease which has claimed 11,560 lives in the country so far, 63% of the population thinks that people showing no symptoms cannot spread the disease.

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A survey was conducted by Gallup Pakistan, in collaboration with Jang-Geo News Polls, in which around one thousand people took part from across the country. Respondents were asked to answer different questions related to their perceptions around the coronavirus. 

The survey was carried out between December 24, 2020, and January 15, 2021.

Per the survey, 24% of the population believes that asymptomatic people can also spread the virus, while 13% did not respond to this question. 

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Coronavirus patients in people’s social circles

When asked if anyone in their social circle has been affected by the coronavirus, 81% of the respondents replied negatively, while 19 % indicated that someone they knew contracted the virus. In June 2020, 22% of the respondents had indicated that they knew someone with COVID-19.

Death by COVID-19

When asked if someone they knew succumbed to COVID-19, the majority of the respondents, i.e. 89%, said that they do not know anyone dying of the disease. As against that, 11% said that they knew someone who passed away after contracting the virus. 

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