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Celebrities from both sides of the border send prayers as India’s Covid situation worsens

India has just reported the world’s highest daily count of coronavirus cases for the second day, surpassing 330,000 total cases, as it struggles with a health system overwhelmed by patients and plagued by accidents.

With a dire situation at hands, stars from both sides of the border are speaking up and encouraging people not to lose hope.

Highlight the gravity of the panicking situation, celebrities jumped in to sensitise people and creating awareness among the masses of the deteriorating condition of the healthcare system that is witnessing a major dip.

Bollywood stars also took to their social media handles. Sushmita Sen sprung into action as she arranged oxygen cylinders asking for help transporting them to areas that needed urgent aid.

Priyanka Chopra went on to share precautions and requested people to tackle the grave situation strategically by staying at home.

The hashtag #PakistanstandswithIndia has also been trending on Twitter with netizens sending prayers and best wishes to the neighbouring country.

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