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Coronavirus patients die after ‘refusing’ the vaccine

A doctor from the Michigan state of the United States claimed that six of his coronavirus patients died after refusing vaccination.

Dr. Matthew Trunsky, in a Facebook post, wrote that his patients wanted to resort to unverified coronavirus treatment options instead of following his recommendation and quoted different reasons.

The doctor, who heads the palliative care unit of a network hospital in Troy city, claimed that several patients wanted to die rather than getting vaccinated against coronavirus.

“This is not to mention the anger the people have towards the physicians [and] the nurses who are really doing our best – and who are delivering exceptionally excellent care,” he posted.

He added that the patients had to get vaccinated. He added that the community is angry at medical professions because they themselves are not getting vaccinated.

Trunsky has requested people to get vaccinated as the number of coronavirus cases are increasing each day.

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Quoting statistics, Trunsky stated that around 90% of his patients are not vaccinated while other doctors are getting physically and emotionally exhausted while performing their duties relentlessly.

He further mentioned that he became optimistic about the situation getting better when the coronavirus vaccination would roll out but the situation changed when the Delta variant began spreading.

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