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Covid-19 attacks Sindh with 1,404 new cases

Sindh has reported 29 deaths caused by Covid-19 over the past 24 hours, elating the death toll of the province to 6,742.

According to Chief Minister Murad Ali, Shah Covid’s situation in Sindh is increasing with 1,404 new cases reported, when 18,161 tests were conducted.

Whereas, COVID-19 has claimed 29 more lives, which started a 1.6 percent death rate.

Presently, 49,095 patients are under treatment, out of them 47,941 are in home isolation, 37 at isolation centers, and 1,117 at different hospitals.

On the contrary, the health state of 991 patients is specified to be critical as 81 of them have been budged to ventilators.

Furthermore out of the 1,404 new cases, 782 were detected in Karachi, including 283 in District East, 146 in District South, 118 in District Malir, 114 in District Central, 61 in District West, and 60 in District Korangi.


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