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COVID-19 outbreak grows to 21 cases in New Zealand

COVID-19 outbreak has grown to 21 cases in New Zealand, new 11 cases of Covid19 have been reported today.

The Auckland incident was connected to a tourist from Sydney who entered the country’s hotel quarantine system earlier this month, according to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

“Today, we believe we have uncovered the piece of the puzzle we were looking for and that means our ability to circle the virus and lock it down and stamp it out generally has greatly improved,” she said.

The latest positive cases, based on whole-genome sequence analysis, are a close match to a recent person who returned from Sydney and landed on a managed red zone flight on August 7, had a day one test on August 8, and had a positive result on August 9.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern warn New Zealanders

WELLINGTON: Following six more positive Covid-19 tests, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern warned New Zealanders that coronavirus will grow.

Ardern said that New Zealand was dealing with the highly transmissible Delta variant related to the Australian epidemic, which officials had so far been unable to contain.

After the first case of Covid 19 was found, Ardern claimed the quick rise to a total of seven cases justified her decision to issue countrywide stay-at-home orders on Tuesday.

She said one of the new patients was a nurse at Auckland Hospital and another was a high school teacher, both of them worked in high-risk situations where the virus might spread quickly.

“It demonstrates, at this stage, Level 4 (hard lockdown) is the right place to be,” Ardern told TVNZ.

“We’re expecting more,” she said that officials disclosed that even with severe limitations in place, modeling indicated the cluster would increase to 120 cases.

The first infection, a 58-year-old Auckland male, ended a six-month period in New Zealand without community transmission, with just 26 Covid-19 fatalities in a population of five million since the epidemic began.

Investigators are attempting to figure out how the man contracted the variant connected to Australia, according to Ardern.




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