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COVID-19 Patients At Higher Risk Of Tuberculosis, Russian Health Ministry Warns

COVID-19 Patients at Higher Risk of Tuberculosis, Russian Health Ministry Warns

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 08th February, 2021) Patients who have been infected with the coronavirus have a higher risk of contracting tuberculosis, according to new recommendations released by the Russian Health Ministry.

“After suffering from COVID-19, many patients develop pronounced residual changes in the form of fibrosis in the lungs. It can be assumed that this category of patients has an increased risk of developing tuberculosis in the future. Thus, tuberculosis can occur before, simultaneously or after COVID-19,” the health ministry warns.

The ministry recommends testing suspected coronavirus patients for tuberculosis, as this disease, even in latent form, appears to lead to more severe forms of COVID-19.

The Russian health ministry also said in its recommendations that cancer patients are at a higher risk of developing severe forms of COVID-19 and must thus take all the precautions possible. There is no special coronavirus treatment for cancer patients, according to the ministry.

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