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Covid-19: Three Pakistani students commit suicide in Australia

At least three Pakistani students have committed suicide in Australia after the Covid-19 related restrictions made their life miserable, a National Assembly penal heard on Monday.

The National Assembly’s standing
committee on overseas Pakistanis has asked the foreign minister to raise the
incidents with his Australian counterpart.

The committee presided over by Chairman Shaikh Fiazuddin discussed problems faced by Pakistani students enrolled at Australian universities.

Usman, who is one of the students affected by the situation in Australia, told the penal that at least three Pakistani students had committed suicide since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world in early 2020.

Usman told the lawmakers that after the pandemic struck Austria closed its borders, and at least five thousand Pakistanis on visit visas have been stranded in the country. Three of the students killed themselves after education-related issues spiralled out of their hands during the lockdown, he said.

The foreign office officials told the committee that education consultants representing Australian universities in Pakistan were ruthless people who ensnared students to advance their own interests.

The issue of Pakistani
students and their education has been raised with the Australian officials,
they said.

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