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Directive to ensure compliance of dengue, corona SOPs

LAHORE:Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) has issued directions for cleanliness of its offices and ensuring compliance of dengue and corona Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Following the directions of Wasa Managing Director Syed Zahid Aziz, a detailed office order was issued by Wasa director administration in which he said the instructions given in the office order should strictly be followed.

In the order, all Wasa directors were asked to ensure cleaning of all rooms and corridors of directorates on regular basis to ensure cleaning of furniture/fixture/equipment placed in the directorates on a regular basis, prepare lists of damaged/unserviceable items present in the directorates and hand it over to the deputy director stores for disposal through auction.

The directors were also asked to prepare list of repairable/serviceable and defective/damaged furniture/equipment and handing it over to caretaker/assistant director (P&E) for repair. They were asked to prepare list of defective electrical fittings/installations – switches, lights, fans, air-conditioners, etc. and submit requisition to P&E directorate for repair/replacement.

The directors were also asked to prepare list of repair/replacement of defective/damaged buildings and installations in each directorate such as curtains, blinds, wooden racks, cabinets, wall paints, broken floor tiles, locks, doors, ceilings and submit requisition to P&E directorate.

The directors were asked for removal of trash/scattered waste from the office buildings, stairs and nearby vicinity of the directorate. They were directed to ensure proper arrangements of water drainage from air-conditioners and water dispensers.

They were asked for clearance of openly scattered files/record in offices and organise it in proper form. Removal of debris inside the office buildings and outside the boundary wall of office buildings, proper trimming and cleaning of plants placed in rooms and corridors of the directorates was also ordered and the director concerned shall be held responsible in case of non-compliance of the instructions.

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