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Filipino man dies after doing hundreds of squats for Covid curfew breach

CAVITE CITY – A Filipino man, who violated quarantine rules, has died after being made to do 300 squats by police.

The incident occurred Thursday in Cavite province, on the island of Luzon which is presently under lockdown to stem the spread of the novel virus.

According to the family, Darren Penaredondo, 28, had gone out to buy a bottle of water shortly after the 6 pm curfew in the Philippines. The dad of one was allegedly stopped by cops while buying water.

The wife of the victim told media outlets that Darren got home the next morning with the help of another curfew breaker man. He could only crawl on the floor as he was so tired. He struggled to walk following the incident and was just crawling on the floor just to get up.

The man then started to have seizures while passing urine. My husband convulsed and his face turned violet as his heart stopped beating. I asked our neighbors to give him CPR, afterwards his heartbeat returned, the wife said.

The law enforcers have denied the accusations, despite physical torture becoming a common form of punishment in the country during the Covid pandemic.

An inquiry has been launched into the father’s tragic death and further investigations are underway.

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