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Hospitals equipped to manage Covid patients in Hazara

MANSEHRA: European Commission for Humanitarian Aid , in collaboration with national and international nongovernmental organisations, have equipped the major public sector health facilities with medical and surgical equipment and machines to deal with challenges raised by the outbreak of novel coronavirus in the Hazara division.

“We have supplied the high-tech equipment and surgical machineries to the six health facilities in Mansehra and Abbottabad districts to better meet the emergency situation,” Sahibzada Jawad Alfaizi, the managing director of the Saibaan Development Organisation, told reporters here on Sunday.

He said that under a project, which was launched by the organisation with the financial assistance of the European Commission for Humanitarian Aid and the Care International, the King Abdullah Teaching Hospital Mansehra, District Headquarters Hospital Abbottabad and Tehsil Headquarters Hospitals of Baffa, Lora, Havalian and Garhi Habibullah have been equipped with medical and surgical equipment.

“These health facilities are now in a better position to manage the influx of Covid-19 patients in Hazara division,” said Alfaizi.

He said that the organization, with the financial assistance of the European Commission for the Humanitarian Aid and Care International, provided the cardiac respirator monitors, BiPAP machines, suction machines, thermal scanners, Breuer pulse oximeter, VTM sampling kits, PCR testing kits, hand washing stations, PPE kits for medical staff, and disinfection material.

“We have also been providing healthcare facilities to patients through the telemedicine programme and distributing Covid-19 protection gear in communities to reduce burden on hospitals,” said Alfaizi.

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