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ICT admin least interested to control corona

Islamabad : In order to control the spread of coronavirus illness, COVID-19, the federal government employed several means, but Islamabad Capital Territory administration despite repeated reminders has failed to take action against the spread of the illness through massage parlours working in Sector F-10.

‘The News’ repeatedly brought the matter into the notice of Deputy Commissioner (Islamabad) Hamza Shafqaat, Assistant Commissioner (Shalimar) Sidra Anwar and SHO Shalimar Police Station Arshad Ali that a number of illegal massage centres are working in Sector F-10. But nobody paid heed to the reminders as no action has been taken against them.

One can easily find illegal massage centres working in F-10 sector of Islamabad. These massage centres are openly violating the COVID-19 SOPs issued by the National Command Operation Centre (NCOC). The staff working in these massage centres don’t have their COVID-19 test reports, ‘The News’ has learnt reliably.

When this scribe contacted SHO Shalimar Arshad Ali and asked as what action police was going to take against these illegal massage centres, he replied that action will be taken when Assistant Commission Shalimar orders them to do so.

When Assistant Commissioner Shalimar Sidra Anwar was contacted to get her version over the matter, she replied, “I will order SHO Shalimar to take action.”

But no action has been taken so far.

‘The News’ contacted Deputy Commissioner (Islamabad) Hamza Shafqat and brought the matter into the notice of his personal assistant who assured the message has been conveyed to the DC Islamabad. However, a month has passed and despite several reminders to high officials of Islamabad administration, the massage centres are still working openly.

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