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Iffat Omar to get 10 people vaccinated against COVID-19

Actor Iffat Omar has promised to get 10 people vaccinated after getting the coronavirus vaccine out of turn. 

“I will and having 10 people vaccinated,” she said in response to a tweet asking her to sponsor vaccination of people who can’t afford it.

Photo: Twitter/Iffat Omar

On Wednesday, Iffat apologised on Twitter for jumping the queue to get herself vaccinated.

“I am sorry, I am ashamed,” she said. “I apologise from the bottom of my heart.”

Last week, a video showing the actor getting vaccinated went viral. People were outraged on social media and questioned how she received the dose when the government’s vaccination drive was only for people aged 60 and above (started on March 10).

In response to the criticism, Iffat said that the jab was only a boost of the CanSino trial vaccine, but people were quick to point out that the trials were long over. It led to further trolling and Iffat deleted her tweet.

Photo: Twitter/Iffat Omar

“I will repent,” Iffat remarked. When a follower said she must take the second dose after 21 days.

Photo: Twitter/Iffat Omar

People have lauded her announcement and said she did the right thing by apologising.

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