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India halts Covid-19 vaccine rollout in occupied Jammu & Kashmir

SRINAGAR – In a criminal move, the BJP-led fascist government has not only halted the mass vaccination in the illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir but also diverted the allocated stocks to other Indian states.

A senior official supervising vaccination operations in the disputed Himalayan region told an international news agency that supplies of vaccines have been stopped since Thursday for reasons that have not been communicated to them.

If any of the health centers in the region are vaccinating people, it is from leftover stocks since no new supplies are arriving in the valley. The vaccination centers are currently deserted in wake of the non-availability of vaccines, forcing the Kashmiris visiting these centers to return unvaccinated.

Fresh stocks have not come despite the matter having been taken up with the top government in center.

The latest repression of the Indian government comes at a time when the IIOJK has witnessed the highest spike in Covid deaths and positive cases ever since the outbreak of the pandemic. As of Monday, at least 47 people died while 3,832 persons were tested positive.

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