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India’s total COVID-19 cases rise to 32.86m, death toll stands at 439,529


10:43 AM | September 02, 2021

According to Johns Hopkins University, the global death toll from the coronavirus has topped 4.54 million, while over 218.3 million cases of the virus have been confirmed worldwide.

The United States has the highest death toll and overall coronavirus tally, with 642,072 fatalities and 39.3 million infected. It is followed by India (more than 32.86 million cases and 439,529 deaths) and Brazil (20.8 million cases and a death toll of 581,150).

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has unveiled a new COVID-19 “variant of interest” dubbed Mu. The B.1.621 variant was given the 12th letter of the Greek alphabet by the UN health body on 30 August, and was first identified in Colombia in January.

Forty-eight cases have already been identified in the UK, along with hundreds in the US, with the worldwide total at around 4,500.

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