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Jawad Ahmad contracts Covid-19 for second time amid third wave

LAHORE – Pakistani singer, social activist, and BPP chairman Jawad Ahmed has contracted the novel Covid-19 for the second time amid the third intensifying Covid-19 wave.

The Mehndi singer tested positive for Covid-19 in November 2020, which has just revealed that he contracted the deadly virus for the second time.

Taking the news on Twitter Tuesday, the 50-year-old pop singer posted that he had been infected for the second time and he was feeling quite hopeless this time.

I contracted COVID again. Don’t know if I’ll survive or not. Yes, I’ve enough money for its treatment if it gets worse, but truth is that it is no more fun to just keep living in this world full of poverty, helplessness, and deprivation. One needs to change it before going to heaven, he wrote in the latest tweet.

Several Pakistani celebrities including Mahira Khan, Nida Yasir, Naveed Raza, Abrarul Haq, Noaman Sami, Alizey Shah, Rubina Ashraf, Bilal Maqsood, Neelum Munir, and Alyzeh Gabol had contracted the virus too.

Amid the recent third wave of the pandemic, Pakistan’s coronavirus death toll surged past the 15,000 mark, while the number of total cases crossed the 700,000 mark today.

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