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Kanika Kapoor opens up on criticism after testing coronavirus positive

Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor was one of those few people who didn’t receive wishes for a speedy recovery when they contracted COVID-19.

“I went off social media for some time because I couldn’t cope with it,” she told The Indian Express. “It took me a year to get out of it mentally.”

On March 20, Kanika became one of the few celebrities to have contracted the virus. Soon after, social media flooded with hate comments against the singer, with people, including celebrities such as Akshay Kumar, criticising her for being frivolous and accusing her of spreading the disease. Kanika’s photos from a party in London went viral too. 

“It was so heavy on me that I even forgot that I had the virus and was sick,” Kanika said. “It was shocking for me to go through a lot of judgement and hatred for something I didn’t really do.”

The singer tested positive thrice at the hospital before being allowed to move back home. She was charged for “negligent and malignant acts likely to spread dangerous diseases”.

A number of Bollywood celebrities, including Akshay Kumar and Alia Bhatt, are in isolation after testing positive. They have urged people to be careful and strictly follow the SOP.

Kanika has returned to music with Soneya Ve and 2 Seater Car. She rose to international fame with hit single Baby Doll in 2014.

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