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Over 50% Pakistanis still believe dangers associated with COVID-19 are overstated: survey

Commuters can be seen travelling on a bike. — AFP/File

A survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan has revealed that 57% of Pakistanis still believe that the dangers associated with COVID-19 are “exaggerated”.

According to the survey — in which more than 1,000 people participated — 37% respondents said that they believe the virus poses a danger, while 6% refused to answer.

Citing a previous survey, the company said that the people who consider coronavirus a “foreign conspiracy” have reduced; however, 42% still believe that it is a conspiracy.

Moreover, 42% of the respondents believed the virus isn’t a foreign conspiracy, while 16% of the participants opted against answering the question.

Furthermore, 50% of the respondents said that they feared their family might contract the virus, while 47% said that they did not fear that their loved ones would get the virus.

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