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Oxygen sees demand surge amid Covid-19 fourth wave

KARACHI: With the country struggling to turn the tide on the fourth wave of Covid-19 pandemic, demand for medical oxygen has gone up, ARY News learned on Sunday.

Pakistan Oxygen Limited (POL), an oxygen producing company, has in a letter to hospitals across the country shown its inability to meet the rising demand for oxygen.

“This is to bring to your attention that amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and the resultant high demand for Oxygen from hospitals across the country, Pakistan Oxygen Limited (POL) is operating all three of its existing plants at Karachi and Lahore to their maximum stated capacity. Yet, the demand for Oxygen continues to increase,” the letter read.

“This is a situation beyond our control, to which we are responding to the best of our ability and capacity.

While we are doing everything possible to respond to any hospital emergency, please note that despite operating at full capacity we are unable to meet this increasing demand.”

In the meantime, POL asked the hospitals to make alternate arrangements for procuring oxygen from other sources till further notice.

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