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President stresses upon complete adherence to Covid SOPs

ISLAMABAD, July 20 (APP): President Dr Arif Alvi Tuesday urged the people to continue raising their guard against the fourth wave of coronavirus by strictly observing all standard operating procedures (SOPs) to contain its further spread.

In a short clip message posted on Tik Tok, the popular social media platform, the president advised the people to wear masks and observe social distancing especially during their visit to cattle and commercial markets.

He said the faithful should also observe distance while offering Eid ul Azha prayers.

He stressed upon prolonging these efforts to overcome the fourth Delta variant wave.

President Alvi observed that Pakistan had achieved a success in containing the deadly pathogen.

“It was due to good decision making and the cooperation extended by public, media and ulema,” he added.

Contrary to it, the president referred to alarming situation in India.

He said the prime minister had made the decision against complete lockdown and by taking care of the livelihood of the poor segments of society.

“If you take care, the way Pakistan is moving on the path of economic prosperity, it is sure, if it overcomes the corona wave, no one can distract it from that path,” he added.

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