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Woman unable to leave Tonga for over 18 months due to Covid

In March 2020, Zoe Stephens went to Tonga for a weekend but has been stuck there ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world.

Zoe Stephens visited the South Pacific island in March 2020 but was left stranded as the world was gripped by the coronavirus pandemic, and Tonga went into lockdown, closing its doors to foreign nationals ever since.

While confined in Tonga, Stephens has managed to keep Covid-free by house-sitting for a family who is also detained somewhere and unable to return owing to the limitations.

She told the media, “There are not many people that can relate to being stuck on an island without your friends or your family, in a country that you didn’t deliberately end up in.”

“Or being locked out of the country that you live in, and then not being able to get back. And being scared to go back to your home country because of a weird virus that’s going around. So it’s pretty isolating.”


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